To improve measurable investment outcomes by improving lives.


To lead the transition of behavioral finance from theory to practice.


The following values undergird all aspects of life at IncBlot including service delivery, decision-making, hiring and new product development.

  • Love – we love what we do and the clients with whom we partner.
  • Truth – we value the search for truth in all its forms.
  • Joy – we believe that happiness and enjoyment facilitate great work.
  • Purpose – we understand that the best organizations have a “why” that transcends profit.

Why US

Scientific – Our programs are based on behavioral science and developed by doctors. While other firms rely on hunches and the management theory du jour, we are rooted in the bedrock of science.

Measurable – We strive for measurable impact in all that we do and determine return on investment indicators with clients before accepting any engagement. Measurable success is what dictates our term of engagement – we work until you reach your goal and not one minute more.

Enjoyable – Our engagement style is best described as “edutainment.” We believe that people learn the most when they are having fun. Our goal is to deliver scientific, measurable services in such an enjoyable way that you won’t even realize you are growing.




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