Leadership Assessment

“Talent” can be hard to define and harder still to quantify. Our “Five Tool Leader” developmental assessment process will help you identify high potentials, plan for succession, and develop existing leaders by making the talent development process concrete. Participants will emerge with a clear sense of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as a roadmap for future improvement.


A recent Forbes study found that executives engaged in personal coaching estimated the value at nearly six times the money invested by the company. IncBlot coaches assess each executive using our proprietary measure of personal change readiness and tailor a program that uniquely meets their needs. A coach is a trusted advisor, educator, and strategist – but ultimately, coaching is about driving organizational outcomes through personal excellence.

Team Building

Few things are as vitally important or as poorly implemented as team building activities. Traditional team building focuses exclusively on “soft skills” and may overlook the technical or organizational shortcomings of a team. Further, most team building activities are syrupy and lack any real meaningful focus.

IncBlot consultants overcome these historical weaknesses in two ways. First, by assessing your team with our proprietary TeamType assessment, we are able to craft an engagement that meets the needs of your team in terms of developing rapport and results. Second, the activities we engage in are meaningful. So, while your team won’t be doing any trust falls, you may be working at a soup kitchen. By teaming in ways that matter, organizations avoid the eye-rolling that attends more typical team building engagements


Exceptional organizations value lifelong learning and understand how increased knowledge positively impacts performance. At IncBlot, we offer training solutions around all facets of leadership and organizational development. Please see the list below or contact us to create a customized solution that is tailored to your specific training needs.