Change Management

Organizational change is a business reality that will never go away. Another reality is that change can be highly disruptive and can decrease performance if it is not planned for in a thorough, consistent manner. At IncBlot, we understand the psychology of change and the steps necessary to implement organizational change with a minimum of disruption. Let us be your partner in communicating the need for change, maximizing buy-in, and leading the organization toward a brighter future.

Reading Others

Imagine the value of being able to quickly and accurately determine the psychological type of your employees, sales targets, competitors, or someone with whom you are negotiating. Our Reading Others training teaches the secrets of “remote profiling” and provides real-life business applications for sales, leadership, negotiation, and strategic planning. If you would prefer to leave the profiling to the experts, IncBlot consultants are also available to provide thorough and discrete remote profiles of competitors. Based on skills used by US intelligence officers, this is one of our most popular offerings.

Persuasive Sales

The science underlying the psychology of sales is well-established and powerful. However, most salespeople do not understand persuasive science and rely instead on dated tactics and strong-arm techniques. Give your sales force the upper hand by training them in best practices in persuasion and leave the fumbling used car salesman bit to the competition.

Persuasive Marketing

By leveraging our deep understanding of the science of influence, IncBlot researchers have developed a framework for evaluating the persuasive power of marketing efforts. Whether it is marketing collateral or the sales force themselves, IncBlot consultants can assess your sales and marketing efforts against the well-established science of effective persuasion. The assessment process yields an overall effectiveness grade as well as a host of actionable suggestions aimed at driving up sales.