Talent Management

Organizations that succeed do so by winning the war for talent. Our comprehensive talent management solutions help you establish permanent systems for selecting, retaining, motivating, and leading your most valuable assets. IncBlot consultants can build an entire talent management process from scratch as well as refine and improve existing onboarding, retention and performance management processes.

Selection Training

Managers are typically promoted into their roles for their technical expertise, which often has little to do with talent in hiring. Ensure that your hiring managers are as skilled at identifying talent as they are at the rest of their tasks with training from industry leaders in selection.

Pre-Employment Assessment

Research shows that executive mishires cost organizations between 10 and 12 times an individual’s annual salary. Our assessment process combines standardized psychometrics and cognitive measures with best practices in interviewing for a thorough vetting of all key hires.

Please click the link below to find out more about the “Five Tools” we examine as part of the pre-employment assessment process.

The Five Tool Leader

Simulation Assessment

Traditional interviews measure a candidate’s ability to talk about working, but not their ability to do the work itself. Our simulation assessment is our most thorough means of vetting talent. It includes a full day of standardized psychometrics as well as tasks designed to directly and holistically replicate the demands of the position. Organizations that are serious about talent measure doing, not talking.